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Upon the effective date of Law 2381-IIS (Adoption Law of Georgia) Law 5626-IIS (Adoption Law of Georgia) is null and void.

2007-12-18 (adoption date 2007-12-28)
5626-IIS - Adoption Law of Georgia
This Law defines and terms, conditions and procedures for adoption of a minor citizen of Georgia or a stateless person permanently residing in Georgia. This Law applies to the citizens of Georgia, stateless persons permanently residing in Georgia and foreign citizens wishing to adopt the child indicated in Paragraph 1 of this article.
This Law except Articles 1-30 and 32 be enacted upon promulgation. Articles 1-30 and 32 of this Law be enacted from may 1, 2008.

Amendments and Supplements

2008-12-26 (adoption date 2009-01-01)
885-RS - On Making Amendments and Supplement to the Adoption Law of Georgia

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