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The data retrieval system “Legislative Base of Georgia” contains English annotations of the laws of Georgia. Furthermore, annotation of all laws is enclosed with the information specifying the number of the law and date of adoption whereby amendments and supplements have been made to the given legislative act.

 This data retrieval system will enable you to understand what is defined and governed by a certain law and to track the amendments and supplements made thereto. You may select a law you are interested in and order to us the English version of its full text by clicking ORDER. You may also contact us by phone or via email.


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08-04-2010 (adoption date 19-04-2010) Select
2911-IS - On the Control over Technical Sphere

18-12-2009 (adoption date 01-01-2010) Select
2381-IIS - Adoption Law of Georgia

18-12-2009 (adoption date 01-01-2014) Select
2440-IIS - Budget Code of Georgia

17-11-2009 (adoption date 30-11-2009) Select
2042-IIS - Law of Georgia On Acquired Immunodefficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

18-12-2007 (adoption date 28-12-2007) Select
5626-IIS - Adoption Law of Georgia

23-12-2004 (adoption date 18-01-2005) Select
780-RS - Georgian Law On Broadcasting

24-04-2003 (adoption date 01-01-2005) Select
2116-IIS - On Budget System of Georgia

22-06-2001 (adoption date 06-07-2001) Select
976-IIS - Law of Georgia On Advocates

23-07-1999 (adoption date 01-01-2000) Select
2352-RS - Administrative Procedure Code of Georgia

12-06-1998 (adoption date 01-05-1999) Select
1420-IIS - On Hazardpous Chemical Substances

currently, there are 120 laws and amendments in the database